Advice intended to add value beyond investment performance

Investment Management, central to our role, is only one important aspect of a dynamic plan.  We are go-to financial point-persons offering

thought-leadership, providing multidisciplinary expertise and strategic, customized direction while acting as a true client fiduciary.    

In Your Corner.

As an independent and fee-only Registered Investment Adviser, MCM maintains fiduciary standards that exceed those governing the investment industry in the U.S., providing a framework clients can point to and know decisions are always deliberate, purposeful and aligned with their objectives and mission.  No broker-dealers, no proprietary products, no commissions,

just pure, client-centric advice.


Commitment to Our Craft

Our firms' principals hold the highest professional designations and advanced education in our industry, delivering clients an elite level of financial thinking, demonstrated knowledge and unmatched expertise.

Clients often get lost inside traditional, big firms.  As a boutique, family-owned firm, our Principals work directly with each client. 

We invest in our clients, educating them to make decisions consistent with their objectives and mission. 

Our independence allows us to remove third party conflicts.  Our research and thinking is fueled by a marketplace of ideas (as opposed to one) and investment solutions are unbiased, unlimited, and cost effective.  

Time Spent with Clients

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